Thursday, March 25, 2010

Well it seems like forever since my last post. Even my girls have begun asking, "When are you going to post again mom? I check every day and there is nothing new!" (bless their hearts, I love them so much!)
So, I'm back.  I will be posting my give away tomorrow to celebrate 3 years of blogging, how can it be that I have been doing this that long? 
 I took some time off to think, to work on new things, to decide where I am going with life.  I didn't get nearly as much done as I wanted to. Not as much sewing, I didn't finish the dining room yet, and the house is still not clean. Lol.  One of the things I decided is that I tend to put too much on my to do list.  I tend to feel guilty if I am not "accomplishing something" every moment.
Enough of that, life is too short to not take some time to put my feet up once in a while and just think. Breathe. Plan.  Some of my best ideas come when I'm not doing anything at all. Probably one of the reasons I can't turn my brain off when I go to bed at night!
Anyways, I don't mean to go on. I've spent my time well. A couple impromptu dinner parties, I did get some sewing done (more on that tomorrow:>) and since I just can't post without a photo, this was dessert last night.  Cleaning out the upstairs freezer I came across some Phyllo dough that just had to be used.  I buttered it, cut it up and stuffed it in muffin cups. Baked them for a few minutes until they were golden and then filled them with cheesecake pudding and topped them with fresh raspberries.  Mmmmm,  quick, easy, pretty, and everyone loved them. My kind of dessert for a last minute party.
Come back tomorrow for the give away.
It's good to be back:>)


  1. oh please tell me you saved me one of those beautiful desserts! my mouth is watering...

  2. These little cuties would go great with my coffee this morning! You make them sound so simple to make and yet they look like you bought them from a fancy bakery!

  3. Hi Kathy!

    Welcome back! Sounds like you enjoyed your time off whether or not you got to all your things on your list. I know I didn't do half of mine but I did play some Wii games with my daughter, watched a couple of good movies and started two new books - so I had a wonderful week not blogging and intend on doing more of that (I mean less blogging LOL)!

    I'll be back to see what you've cooked up for your 3 year blogaversary!

    That dessert looks really yummy!


  4. I'm glad to see you back, too! Your dessert looks absolutely scrumptious! Don't you just love it when something just done on the fly turns out so well?

  5. Hey Kathy!

    Boy, can I relate about struggling with guilt if I'm not filling every moment with something constructive or productive. So glad you are giving yourself a break and enjoying some genuine down time. It's not just OK to do it, it's neccesary (or at least that is what I am trying to convince myself of!). Your dessert looks incredible...what a way to use what's on hand beautifully! Congratulations in advance on your blogiversary...can't wait to sign up for your giveaway!! You have certainly touched a lot of lives in that time with your incredible talent, genuine kindness and wise insight! I'm so blessed to be one of them!

    Hugs & Blessings,

  6. Welcome back! We all need to think about our selves and do what is right for us. I do hope blogging is one of your your post!YUM on that desert girl!!

  7. I don't blog at all like I use to. It's kinda sad, I miss it. Your dessert looks so yummy. I just might have to try it.
    Welcome Back,

  8. So glad to hear from you - I've missed you. Glad you've been sorting things through and doing what's important. Your dessert looks scrumptions - seems I could almost taste it!

  9. Hello Kathy!
    Nice to see you :)
    And your dessert!
    Anxious to see what awaits us tomorrow :)

  10. I so can relate to your "guilty if you're not busy every minute" feeling. Me too ! I am also trying to slow down, be more deliberate about the things I choose to do. That way, I can truly enjoy my busyness and not just feel resentful that I have soooo much(self-imposed stuff) to do done. :)

    Also so glad you came up with that spectacular little goodie -- so pretty. I may try that for Easter. It looks so fresh and Spring-y.

    Gwyn Rosser @ The Pink Tractor

  11. I love you :) xoxoxoxoxo

  12. Cute, cute desserts!

    Glad to see your post. Take care and enjoy your projects.

    Becky K

  13. Hi girl! Your tarts look so yummy and easy. I'm going to remember that idea.

    I understand about life examinations and to do lists. I also have to be accomplishing to feel worthy. Why is that? Sitting around doing nothing is never on my agenda.

    Keep us posted. :)

  14. THANK GOODNESS YOU POSTED! Finally! I was starting to crave some good pictures, and now you've made me happy. lol and now i'm wanting another one of those delicious pastries! they were so good last night! i love you mom! :)

  15. Hi Kathy, Glad to hear that you are back. I feel the same way you do, if I'm not doing something all the time, I feel guilty. Is that part of being a Mom, I don't know .. it drives me crazy. I stopped working about six years ago and I'm still trying to adjust. Blogging has been so much fun for me and expressive at the same time. Too addicting, but lots of fun!
    Those sweets are too pretty to eat. Have a good day!

  16. The dessert looks great. I've never made anything with that kind of dough before so maybe I should buy some and see what I come up with!

  17. these look so yummy!!! And you made it sound so easy that I have added the ingredients to my shopping list. (My hubby will be quite impressed)

  18. Your dessert looks delish!

    I miss your posts, too. It's always a nice way to know what's happening with you when we haven't had a chance to talk.

  19. Quiet time is a good thing and your dessert looks divine ;-)

  20. Glad you are back....
    Yum yummy....dessert looks so yummy good! And easy..I love that!

    Can't wait to see the surprise for tomorrow!

  21. Wow, those look wonderful! I got confused for a moment and thought maybe I had misunderstood and you were going to culinary school! LOL! Enjoy your time whatever you're doing.

  22. I love anything with phyllo dough...those pastries look amazing....

    i want one!

    gimmie, gimmie, gimmie one!!!!!

    ciao...going to look in my bare refridgerator now for something that's not nearly going to be as good as those look!!!

    ciao bella

  23. glad to have you back. thats funny cause my girls ask me the thing. its sweet that they ask. yummy dessert. too bad you cant ship those out for giveaway. ill be back tomorrow :)

  24. Perfectly yummie way to start my day. Need a little of your sweet sugar to start my early morning shelling journey.

    So glad the girls got on you to post. Nothing like a like guilt, right? Seriously, I do miss you daily inspiration when away.

    Heading out to get the first on the beach this morning,

  25. I'm glad you found time in your busy life to do "other" things while you took your blogging break. It never needs to be "profound" or "fulfilling" or constantly busy those needed breaks...just a change in the routine to refresh and recharge and feel re-inspired in new this gorgeous dessert you whipped up. Can I have one??? Please!?!?! :)

  26. Glad you are back, and the dessert looks wonderful..
    Bet you could do that with PUMPKIN pudding too, though I wouldn't know cause someone got mine..:)

  27. it's good to see you back! I've taken a break too...not much to blog about and doing more things for myself, and not spending so much time at the computer. I'm AMAZED that you whipped up that dessert with things you had on hand! YUM!

  28. Great to see another post and OMG that dessert is so yummy looking.
    Funny how we get to a stage in our lives when we are looking to see where we are heading in life. I am feeling the same, looking for a new direction that will make me happier.

  29. OMGosh..this is AMAZING...CAN'T WAIT to give it a try. Never thought of making little cups like this...wonderful


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