Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Well, better late than never I always say! I am trying to post every day this month, I can see it will be hit and miss whether I get these posts done morning or evening. I am working on so many projects right now, I am putting this heart in my etsy tonight and hopefully getting the other two done by the weekend. If you remember, these were pieced by my dear grandmother from feedsack materials. I have two more and they will be gone.
Also, in two more days I hope to be able to share a little surprise that I worked on a couple weeks ago. It has all been very hush, hush but I am told it will be ready friday. I hope you like it:>) I certainly had fun with it.
I have decided I am going to do as much ahead for Christmas this month as I can. Sweet daughter #2 will be home from college next month and I can't let anything get in the way of spending special Christmas time with my girls! December should be fun and relaxing and joyful, not rushed and pressurized with the days flying past because I have filled them too full. What are you doing to prepare for the holidays?


  1. Hi Kathleen -
    That heart is wonderful! Such a work of art. I'm starting to plan and get ready for the holidays. I've been thinking about and planning some things for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Mostly meal ideas today. I can't exactly get it all together for a final plan until my grown kids tell me their plans. I'm urging them to make plans and let me know very soon this year. Hope it happens! I've got some of my Christmas gifts purchased and have just a few simple things to make and a few more little things to buy to add to what I've already done. We keep it pretty low-key but have a lot of fun. Can't wait to see your surprise.

  2. That is sooo cute! I want to get a lot done before Thanksgiving so I can enjoy the week my daughter has off and we can just do fun stuff!


  3. That is my favorite heart you have done so far...
    I haven't done anything yet for the holidays....I need to start thinking about them!

  4. Oh very pretty. I have a flour sack quilt made by my grandma and quilted by a quilting bee she belonged to.

    Those feed sacks and flour sacks are treasures!

  5. very pretty heart.
    wanted to stop by for a quick visit..and also to wish you a lovely weekend.

  6. The heart is so pretty. I bet you can't wait for the daughter to get home from college. We'll be spending Christmas in Princeton with the daughter and Jr. Daughter..assuming that Delta airlines cooperates with it's airfare....if not it will be 19 hours in a V.W. Bug...not a great way to start a vacation......and make that 19 hours on the ride home!

  7. The heart is very nice. You are abitious to post everyday!

  8. Kathy

    Love the ragtag heart, gorgeous!

  9. This is a beautiful heart that I would purchase in a New York Minute if it weren't for having to budget my $'s at this time of year.
    i have part of my shopping done but still have a few things left to get.
    I am looking forward to Thanksgiving and then on to CHRISTMAS...YIPEE....can't wait to get my tree up and all the stockings 'hung by the chimney with care'....

  10. Love the heart Kathleen.I neeed to start on my stuff I need to do before Christmas.

  11. Oh Kathy ...the heart is stunning! I can't wait to take a stroll over to your shop and see what you've done. Can't wait for the surprise ...can't imagine what you've been up to.

    I so want to get down to my studio and do some creative things ...but, alas grandchildren seem to take most of my time these days. Happy Crafting! happy Daughter #2 is home for a spell. My daughter is coming to visit over Thanksgiving and I absolutely can not wait!


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