Sunday, December 5, 2010

 What a joyous weekend we had! Lauren picked up Victoria at school Thursday, and Friday morning at 1:30 a.m. they snuck into the house and quietly went to bed. I knew about it but Earl didn't because it was a surprise for his birthday weekend! He awoke to his girls being home and we had the best time! Baking cookies, laughing, Lauren took us all out to lunch and the girls baked him a  birthday cake that was so delicious we couldn't stop eating it 'til it was gone. This afternoon after church they made an advent lunch that was the best. Roasted cinnamon pear bruschetta with brie, broiled salmon, and stuffed mushrooms. Last night Victoria and I made cookies for all the girls on her dorm floor and I made tags for the packages from old sheet music and glitter. After that we went to our churches Christmas program and came home and dozed through a movie with the candles burning and the tree glowing in the corner.  Having our girls here for special  time together just makes Christmas for us.  In two weeks Victoria will be home again and we will both have time off until January and more time together as a family.  Thank you girls, for the most wonderful weekend.  You are my Christmas angels:>)


  1. That is so cute of them sneaking in like that! I know he was one happy daddy! What kind of cake was it the girls made?

  2. What a special surprise! I can only imagine how full your heart must be! Your cookies look absolutely delicious!! Sincerely - Trish

  3. You know, I seem to remember his birthday last year and some big plans you guys had. Is my memory going? Or was it someone else? Well, you guys have a phenomenal holiday season and time off!

  4. What a sweet, sweet surprise for Earl and a happy birthday to boot! Your dinner and weekend sounded super!!


  5. such sweet memories made with family, fun, and eating delicious food. what a great time indeed! happy birthday to your husband.

  6. wow, what an awesome picture of that snowflake! I wonder who took it....? Oh wait, That was ME! I LOVE YOU! :) xoxoxoxo
    Love, Victoria

  7. O, it sounds just like Heaven. I know the girls loved it as much as you and Earl.
    Now, I'm off in search of sheet music. :)

  8. What a simply (several meanings of the word) wonderful, memorable weekend!! These are so rarely found, or perhaps rarely taken, especially during the bustle of the holidays, and you're the second person in five minutes to have spent your first-weekend-of-December in such lovely, uplifting home pursuits.

    We spent ours in work on a party for last night, just keeping on keeping on til it was all done. The memories are remarkable and bright and happy, and since the house is all clean and all the decorating done, I'm going to see that WE have a couple of these small, wonderful, together weekends.

    That seldom happens during December, and will be all the sweeter for the rarity.

    I'm SO glad for yours, and wish you much more of that the rest of the Season!!


  9. My goodness, this post put a huge lump in my throat! I could just picture your wonderful weekend. I'm almost at the point where my children will be leaving home and I could just sob thinking about it. I don't know how people get through this and it certainly gives me a better understanding of how my dear mother felt when I flew the coop. Gosh, if only we knew then what we know now!! Beautiful post!

  10. How wonderful! I have a tear to wipe away after reading this post. This was truly a treasured time for all of you. Belated happy birthday to Earl.


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