Monday, December 13, 2010

Oh Happy (Snow!) Day

Throughout the afternoon I watched them there,
Snow-fairies falling, falling from the sky,
Whirling fantastic in the misty air.
                                                  Claude McKay

Just like many of you, we had our first real snowfall yesterday. This morning, just as I anticipated, I have a paid day off work called a snow day.  Oh the joy! A bonus day just before Christmas to stay in my jammies late into the morning, work on Christmas cards, (and my final project for my Graphinc design class!) Listen to Christmas music and drink coffee.
These photos were taken after church yesterday, before the blowing and drifting started.  It is much deeper now. I have to admit that, come January, snow and cold are not on my list of things to love. But snow before Christmas is magic. isn't it? Is it really fluffier, whiter, softer? It seems to be. So today I'll enjoy the bluster and sparkling whiteness. I'll revel in a paid day off work.....and yes, I'll hope the roads are still not clear enough for school tomorrow:>) Anyone else getting a snow day?


  1. My son was thrilled they called off School early last night.
    I don't work but love a snow day just the same! Your pictures are lovely!

  2. No snow day here, but lots of icy roads and bitterly cold temps. Matters not....I will be hunkered down here at home while my only foray outside will be to feed and water the chickens!

  3. Kathy, that first photo in particular is just beautiful. You make snow look enchanting. We won't be having snow here, but it could reach the teen temps here tonight in Florida. Yikes! Enjoy your day off!

  4. No snow in Kansas yet. Yesterday we went to church without coats. Actually it was a very lovely day with the sun shining brightly. I'm not fond of snow all that much either so don't really care if it doesn't snow all winter. I find Christmas just as enchanting with bright sunshine and brown yards! However your pictures did make snow enticing. (momentarily!!)

  5. Your photos are lovely Kathy! We just got lots of rain yesterday...temps in the 50s. I hope you enjoy your snow day!


  6. enjoy your snow day kathy....beautiful photos...

  7. while so many are cursing this storm it's refreshing to see someone enjoy and celebrate the magic of December snow! Sadly we had lots of rain here on the east coast, enjoy your winter wonderland!

  8. It looks pretty! I can do without it, but I know it will come. We had torrential rains and wind, so if it had been cold we would be stuck here.
    I look at snow from different eyes. So many who are disabled have to struggle so much more.
    My sis was in a wheelchair her short life (26 yrs), and if there was snow on the ground, we couldn't take her anywhere.
    People on crutches , so many things we don't think of till we are in their shoes.
    But it is beautiful to look at for one day! :)

  9. I absolutely agree with you...I love the snow before the holidays but after that...I can do without it! It does make it nice doesn't it to hangout in the pj's and listen to music! Have a relaxing snow day!~Hugs, Patti

  10. Love how the snow makes everything more magical!

    Yeah for snow days!

    Hugs, Dolly

  11. Kathy..if we get snow anytime of the year..wowzza!! South Texas would look gorgeous with snow!!

    Your pictures are beautiful. Enjoy your day off.

    Hugs Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  12. Snow day here! It was gorgeous last night as I went to church with all the lights and everything. So I was in a Victorian Christmas card!

  13. Ummm..I can remember when I was working at the title company and we would get a snow day. Oh, how we all loved them. I get a fuzzy feeling, just remembering. :)

    I bought cranberries and chocolate today to make the biscotti.Oh, I hope it is good. If I make it now, will it still be good on Christmas Eve or should I wait a bit?

  14. Longing for a snow day. Thank you for sharing yours. Maybe we will have some soon.


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