Monday, December 6, 2010

Season of Sweet Surprises

Isn't December the loveliest month for surprises? It has been for us. Today I recieved a large and unexpected box from the UPS man. Turns out it is a beautiful handmade wreath sent from my dear college room-mate. We recently found each other again after years of losing touch. I am so glad to have her back in my life.The wreath is made from pinecones and berries and greens. Try to ignore the dust on my door, (good heavens, looks like it needs some work!) and just look at my wreath!
 Melanie knows how much we love to decorate with birds for Christmas so she added this adorable little nest and birds to the bottom of the wreath.  I had a pinecone wreath years ago that I think I discarded because it had been used to death. I had really been thinking of making another, but now I don't have to!
Thank you Melanie, I love my sweet surprise:>) 


  1. Just charming, and how Sweet the Surprise!! And I DO long for a red front door.

    I just dropped back in to say that we have tickets for The Messiah next week, and a dinner reservation after---just a lovely day spent together with DD, whose company we enjoy, but seldom get together for occasions out, though she lives here.

    A simple, meaningful time, and an old favorite of the season, as well as a favorite restaurant for a good family time.

    Thank you for the inspiration in those two separate posts!!

  2. What a very sweet wreath and what a sweet friend to make it for you! I love the birds!

  3. what a wonderfully delightful surprise! so happy that you both were able to rekindle this friendship.

  4. Very sweet, Kathy...and a nice surprise!


  5. Hi Kathy, it looks like you are getting ready for Christmas; the wreath is beautiful! I still have to get my stuff out and put it us. We will go into the forest to chop down a tree pretty's the 2nd year we have done this...but it's COLD outside! Brrrr!
    Have a great week,

  6. What a sweet gift from a friend a perfect wreath for your beautiful red door. Love how you packaged the cookies in your previous post. Happy day to you! Best wishes, Tammy

  7. Oh Kathy.
    That is just the sweetest.
    I love the little birds in their nest with their eggs. :o)
    Sincerely - Trish

  8. The wreath is beautiful. I love its large size. It is so special that you and your roommate have found each other. That's a treasure.

  9. Sooo Christmasy! Just perfection for the holiday! I'm loving all of it...

  10. I somehow missed this pretty post. I love this beautiful glad you found your friend again.

  11. A few months back you commented about
    my poetry,,I see poetry in your beautiful

  12. Aren't surprises the best?? Beautiful!
    Pink Hugs,


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