Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The tree part 2

Last week I promised to show you some more of our Christmas tree. These are some family ornaments that Earl and I made for each of our family members. This first one is Earls grandfathers baby picture. Isn't it adorable? This was the first one we did and didnt realize we needed to solder over the copper foil. I kind of like the copper color with the sepia tone photo though so it will probably stay that way until it falls apart and has to be redone.
This is a photo of me at about 7 years old. One of my school pictures in fact.
This makes me laugh, it is Earls mom and dad on their wedding day. They eloped! I love the look on Dad's face:>)

This is also one of my favorites, it is a picture of Earl and his sisters and cousins all sitting around his Uncle Art in his uniform. (Remember the live pheasant? Uncle Art is the scamp who left it for us!) Earls cousin Rick is the kid in the lower right hand corner with the glasses. If you click on the picture you can see he looks just like Ralphie in the movie "A Christmas Story"! We tease him about it all the time:>)
And this is the tree all set up in the living room before I got gifts wrapped and set up around it.
I love all the home made ornaments, the glittery stars,the little toys that work, the birds and the antique ornaments we inherited from Earls grandparents. It is certainly an eclectic tree but it kind of shows all our interests and loves. I hope you enjoyed it
I am counting the days to Christmas now and am feeling a bit burned out creatively. I hope I can just relax now and enjoy the next week. I can't believe how quickly Christmas will be here and then over! So much anticipation and focus and's over, so I intend to wring every last bit of joy out of this week that I can. I hope you can sit down, find some time for reflection and relaxation in this busy week, and really enjoy this last week of Christmas:>)


  1. So pretty, Kathy!

    Glad I am not the only one creatively burned out right now. But of course, that is a blessing in disguise as we move our focus from creating the holiday to soaking in the joy and blessing of it all.

    Blessings to you and your family this Christmas!

  2. Beautiful tree and what wonderful photos and such good memories with them. Have a great Christmas.

  3. A beautiful tree holding so many special memories.

  4. I love the ornaments you made!
    So very special indeed...
    Happy Holidays,

  5. Those are the best Christmas trees that have so many "memories displayed". After all the work you've put in decorating and such I think you deserve to sit back and reflect.

  6. Your tree is beautiful Kathy. I love all the wonderful ornaments made with memories. Now is the time to sit back and bask in the warmth of loved ones. Enjoy your Christmas!!

  7. Kathleen, I've just caught up with your blog all the way back to Thanksgiving! I've loved seeing your beautiful home, the lovely food for guests and family, and especially the Advent celebrations.

    Merry Christmas and blessings!

  8. Very lovely tree! The handmade ornaments with photos are treasures!

    Merry Christmas!


  9. I love your family photo ornaments, they give your tree a very personalized touch. LOL cousin Rick really does favor Ralphie:)
    Like you, I am ready to sit back and enjoy the remaining days of Christmas. The work is all done and now I just want to be in the moment.


  10. I love your tree! I love that you have a mix of ornaments. All the family pictures ones are so neat. Yep, I'm tired and tomorrow is my last post for a while. I'm ready to enjoy having my DD home from school!

    Merry Christmas!


  11. What a great idea! So much more personal and precious than store bought. Blessings.. Polly

  12. I love the idea of hanging small photos on the tree! I have a couple that the older boys made when they were in preschool, but I never thought to include photos of the rest of the family. Thanks for the great idea! God bless.

  13. Hello Kathleen
    thanks for your step in my Bolg, and the warm words, which you left.
    - I will remember, and a Translater with me insert - something patience still :-)
    Your many wonderful pictures show a cosy Chrismasatmosphaere with you at home...
    I wish you and your family a beautiful Chrismas and a healthy new year.
    take care Barbara

  14. Hi Kathy, your tree is really lovely, so much more special with these beautiful memories. Love those blue birds!! It is an amazing time of year, we agree with you, it is all so so busy and then in a flash it will be over! We wish you a Merry Christmas with your loved ones and Blessings always. Thank you for being such a lovely and supportive friend :) Jenn and Jacqui x

  15. Hi Kathy, I just found your blog through Barbara's blog Lapplisor. Your blog is beauty and has a beautiful collection of photo's. I love the frames that you and your husband have made. Are they easy to make. Anyway I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas from Australia. - Sandra.

  16. Kathy your tree is so pretty. I love all the photo ornaments each with special memories. Linda

  17. Your tree is very, very pretty! I love all of those old photos and the frames you did.

  18. Oh, Miss Kathleen! Your tree looks beautiful and I love all those family memories! Just wonderful. Wishing you and your family a wonderful holiday!

  19. What a great idea- the ornament gifts! They are so wonderful and I'm sure sooo appreciated! The tree looks beautiful. All the ornaments that have "meaning" are what Christmas trees are supposed to be all about! Merry Christmas Kathy!

  20. Wishing you and your beautiful family a very Merry Christmas Kathy!


  21. Hi Kath, I love the special ornaments...such a beautiful idea!

    I wish you a very merry christmas filled with love, laughter and many new memories!

    Talk to you soon!
    Hugz, Dolly

  22. What a wonderful Tree!! But I especially like the ornament of the little birds perched together.

    Wishing you a very Merry Christmas.

    A pleasure to meet you.

  23. Kathy -

    Those ornaments are so special. Thanks for sharing them with us. And thank you for stopping my blog and for your sweet comments about my decorations.

    Have a wonderful Christmas full of His love and blessings.


  24. These ornaments are so dear, KG. I am such a sucker for memories and photographs.

    Peace,love and blessings to you and your family. Merry Christmas!

  25. Merry Christmas Kathy!


  26. Lovely tree, and it is so sweet to have the family photos hung on it.

    Hope you have a wonderful holiday!


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