Monday, August 6, 2007

Have you ever seen a hummingbird moth?

These little moths are about half the size of a Hummingbird. You can't see its wings because, like a hummingbird, they are just blurs when they hover. The first time I saw one of these last year I thought at first that it was the tiniest little strange hummer I had ever seen. They come out in the day and they go from flower to flower and drink nectar. In spite of how small they are they are much more substantial and heavier looking than most moths. My husband and I were just enchanted when we saw it and looked it up online and found out what it was. They hover, they are brightly colored, and as you can see, they have a little tail, but they also have antennae! That is what finally tipped us off what it might be. We saw this one outside the living room window yesterday. Since they are a bug rather than a bird, I was able to run outside and get pretty close with the camera without scaring it away.
Have any of you seen these?


  1. Kathy, You must be an early bird like me! Yes, I have seen these little moths and I must say, the first time I saw one, I thougth it was a deformed hummer! I felt so sorry for it! Upon further investigation, I saw what it really was. God sure makes some strange creatures for our enjoyment. Your photo is beautiful!

    Aunt May's Cottage

  2. I have never seen those little moths before! WOW! Great photos

  3. No I never have! (Until now!) Wonderful is always amazing to 'capture' such pictures as this...not that I have LOL.
    You are the winner in my drawing! And uh...I might need your address again :)

  4. WE have them here in Texas....mine are a different color. They only come out at dust ...they love my moon vine flowers..they really are a wonder to behold

  5. Hi Kathy! I cant believe that is a moth! Thats awesome ! Fantastic photos, thanks for blogging them. I am truly amazed.

    I wanted to tell you also that i am hosting my very first SWAP, c'mon over and take a peek!

    Shann :)

  6. Yes I too have seen these hummers...I have been wondering what they were...and now I know!
    Beautiful pics!

  7. Hi Kathy,

    No, I have never seen one but I would like too! They are very interesting and I love Hummingbirds!

    You take the best pictures! You should be a photographer!


  8. Hi Kathy! Very nice to meet you and I was greatly encouraged by your post on my site. In your bio you said, "I take care of me by being creative." I so totally agree! When I speak or teach Workshops, I usually remind the ladies that we are created in God's image, which means that we are designed to "be" creative! With some people, it is more practical. For people like us, it is the need to be constantly adding to the artistic panorama. We need to express and we need to relish in the results.

    Your daughters are beautiful. My daughter just turned 20 and I am so pleased with the upright woman she has become!

    I also like your CWO widget! I will have to check into that!

    Best Blessings,

  9. Yes Kathy we have seen these in our yard! They are amazing!

    Be sure & visit me soon and you will see I have nominated you for a "Nice Matters award"!!!
    copy & paste picture and nominate a few others.
    You are such a sweetheart, you really deserve it!
    Help spread the love.
    Being Nice really does MATTER!!!

    Hugz, Dolly @ From my CHERRY heart

  10. Hi Kathy, I'm so late on posting because I am just discovering all these wonderful blogs and TypePad places! :)

    YES we have the little hummingbird moths also! In fact I have a picture of one on some flowers, I took it last year I haven't been quick enough to get one this year! Maybe I'll post it up on my blog since you've inspired me. :)



  11. Just found your blog....great pictures! Yes, we have those moths, too. I just discovered them a couple years ago and had the same reactions as you and your readers. They are amazing and I look forward to these little miracles every year :)


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