Thursday, August 2, 2007

I would like to thank everyone for the kind and thoughtful comments on VIctorias birthday. What a great group of people you meet when blogging! Sorry I havent had time to post this week til now. VBS has taken all my time. It is one of those weeks that just fill every moment with one more little thing to do until you fall into bed at 11:30...and then can't get to sleep because you are running through the list in your head to see if there is something you forgot. I don't know if your brain works that way but I just can't seem to shut mine off sometimes. Anyways, The house is kind of a mess, I have about 40 little muslin bags to finish up tonight for tomorrows craft (bath salts in a little muslin bag) and my girls are throwing a going away party for one of their friends tonight complete with a cookout and hopefully a campfire later in the night. I should probably mention it is supposed to hit a lovely humid 96 or so today and possible thunderstorms tonight. Remember when I said our house is only about 1100 square feet?...... campfire? rain? Yeah. It's another busy day. On the other hand, my morning glories are spectacular this morning! See the tuteur in front of them? I got it painted but didnt get it set out in time for them to climb up. Oh well, they are managing without it :>) Next year...


  1. Oh, yes, we just finished up with our VBS. I thought I would have more time this summer to get things done.

    The cookbook is brand new, and uses all old vintage graphics to give it a vintage look. It's adorable throughout.

  2. Oh someone else in VBS I see! I love the little bag with bath salts...the mothers should be happy with those! Maybe you'll have a few extras to treat yourself to. I take a benedryl at night to help me go to sleep :)

  3. Thanks for the great zucchini recipe. It sounds purely delightful and delicious!

    Let me share my favorite eggplant recipe with you. I love it because it's low cal! Slice Japanese eggplant thin, lengthwise. Place on a dry skillet on high heat. Sprinkle with salt and sweet basil. Grill until tender. Remove and eat --- plain or with catsup. Very delish!


  4. Your morning glories are glorious! I wish I had planted some! Next year....:-)

  5. So many blooms open! Really pretty and I love your tuteur (new word for me). Hoping you have good weather for tonight.

    You commented on my Bougainvillea today. While you wish you could grow them, I'm wishing I could grow things like Hollyhocks and Ranunculus(sp?) ;-)


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