Friday, August 24, 2007

Ok, I know that I just told you I was so overwhelmed with the beginning of school I was taking a break. So I went out this morning for a little therapeutic sailing (Estate sailing that is) and I had to show you my haul. First, 2 more Victoria magazines for 25 cents each! You know I can't resist rebuilding my stash. The bluebird figurine was 10 cents at the sale, my friend Jan, bought this and gave it to me and said it was the "bluebird of garage sale happiness" which, clearly, it is.
I also got all these goodies. A couple napcoware turkey planters (can you say thanksgiving centerpieces?) and matching napcoware turkey salt & pepper shakers. 25 cents a piece! The old bowl, pressed glass cake plate and an adorable vintage cottage picture, (need to find a great frame) and even the huge doily for the table . Most of these items cost 50 cents. The cake plate and bowl were more but I loved them and with the money I saved paying 25-50 cents for everything else.....they were cheap too. This beautiful footed glass bowl..$1! See how the bluebird likes it? This sweet milk glass vase..50 cents!

As if that wasnt enough, when I got home this was in the mail for me! This is from Julie of Equus Villa, who is passing along this book and the recipe and main ingredient for swedish pea soup as well as this beautiful tray and the serving spoons. Thank you Julie! What a great day! Ok, NOW I am taking a break... no really........


  1. Wow Kathy! Great haul!! I love the milk glass vase!! And the stuff from Julie is great! You are lucky when it comes to drawings! Wish I was :(

    I am so dreading the boys going back to school :( ANd I HATE summer ending :( Makes me just want to cry!


  2. To me the perfect break from life is a few good yard sales/garage sales/estate sales! Blessings... Polly

  3. Hey there! Just wanted to say that I am enjoying your blog.

    I too love to go "sailing" as you put it. How cute is that? :)

    You got some great stuff! Good for you! I went 'sailing' today too and got a few little treasures. I really love your turkeys!

    Let me invite you to visit my blog anytime you have the time. :)

    Have a great weekend!

  4. You hit the mother load in that estate sale. I want to go with you the next time, love everything especially the blue birdie.

  5. Hello again,

    Thanks for your comments! About the background, look at the bottom of my blog list and you will find the Tips & Tricks for New Bloggers. I followed the directions and was able to make my own background. And I am not 'techy' at all! So if I can do it, anyone can.
    The coverlet background was made from a picture I found online of an old coverlet. I saved it to my pics and then follwed the instructions. There are MANY instructions on that site.
    Good luck!
    And please stop by again real soon. I love making new friends too!
    Have a blessed weekend!

  6. You are so welcome! I keep going back and looking at the site to see what else I can do! hahaha!

    Good luck with your's!

  7. Wow! These are great! And I love the part where you say See how the bird likes it! LOL ...I am glad you decided to post more! :)

  8. Wow ... those are some great finds. The bird is adorable, and the turkeys will be fun to decorate with. I have never been to an estate sale. I think I need to get going!

  9. What wonderful finds! I have two of those little birdies! I will use them on mosaic birdhouses or probably mosaic birdbaths...
    Penny, Mosaic Artist

  10. I love the little bluebird. I have just checked out this book fromthe library. Hope you have a lovely much needed break.

  11. ahhh, what a delightful time that was! You really got some wonderful treasures! And I'm so glad that you did! I loved seeing them! I know they have found a wonderful home with you.

  12. Hi Kathy!
    Seeing that little Bluebird just gave me the biggest SMILE! My mom & I found a pair of that very same little bluebird Friday while we were garage sale-ing! Every Friday morning as we leave to "shop" my dad says "bring me a present for a dime" ~ his "present" was a bluebird & I kept the other one of the pair! Too cute that you found the same one on the same day!

  13. I love the turkeys! My mother has some....they make me you know...wanna eat turkey!

  14. Wow, can I live in your city ?? 10 cents ? My word, you could refurnish your house for a buck fifty !! lol. That little birdie looks like a Goebel to me. Sweet stuff, all of it and how wonderful to find all the Turkey stuff right before the Holidays !

  15. I am so glad everything arrived safe and sound! Have a great week!

  16. All lovely finds; but you KNOW I'm lovin' that bluebird!

  17. Oh, these are delightful finds! Won't the turkeys be great fun this fall for Thanksgiving.


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