Sunday, August 12, 2007

I'm Back!

Thanks for all the comments on my last post. I am really behind in my emails since we were gone a couple days so bear with me. We had a great time on our anniversary weekend. The first thing we did was hit a nice garage sale on the way out of town. I got a few goodies (some pillowcases, a rose plate, a very old candy cookbook and some silver ice tea spoons, total $3.60!) and we had a good time looking things over. The picture above was the house next door. It was so pretty I just had to take a picture. It used to be a church! So gorgeous. That was just the side entry!
The Folk festival was only so-so. Music was good but it was very hot out and the "craft show" part of it was minimal. The one thing that I found really interesting was an area in the Folk Craft demonstration tent that showed tatting. There were some lovely ladies there doing demonstrations and even sitting down with some of the children and showing them lace-making and tatting and letting them try it themselves. I had always wondered how it was done and now I have seen it. I gives you a real appreciation for the effort and hours spent decorating the vintage hankies and pillowcases that still decorate our homes!
Earl and I spent a lot of our time checking out antique malls.
This is one of the booths that really caught my eye while we were looking around. You can see it was filled with beautiful things (with outrageous prices!)
I enjoyed looking at all the eye candy, but I have to admit that I have become a bit disillusioned with antique malls. It seems the prices are so high. I am not one of those people who buys something just to look at it. With an 1100 sq. ft. house you can't just fill it with tchotchkes. There isn't room. Everything needs to be something useful. If I paid $70.00 for a pink depression glass bowl (and it was beautiful!) I would feel awful if I dropped it or chipped it. You need to be told that I have broken more glass with my clumsiness than anyone has a right to. Besides, the black teacup sets I got in my last post, cost me $2.00! In the antique store they would be $30-$40. So I guess I am just a looker at the antique stores. I prefer to find that steal of a bargain and if something happens to it, so be it.
We also went to the farmers market. This was in Lansing, MI, home of Michigan State University, one of the biggest, best agricultural Universities in the world. There wasn't a whole lot there in the way of fruits & vegetables. I found that surprising, but there was a gorgeous little shop with lots of pretty things that I enjoyed looking at and getting ideas from. I wish now that I had bought some things, especially one of those cute little etched bell jars, they were so pretty! I will have to look this place up if we go back.
This was the sales table in the little shop. I am sorry you can't see it very clearly, but it was so pretty. It had all these little silver glittery stars hanging from the vine covered gazebo over the register. I LOVE GLITTER, have I mentioned that before? Maybe:>) Anyways, we wandered around and finally came to a cheese vendor who had all these amazing cheeses. We bought some mango and ginger Stilton (to die for!) and a "dangerously sharp cheddar" as Earl likes to say, since that is his favorite kind. So we shopped and had dinner out and walked around and just got time together to talk and reconnect. I think that is what keeps our marriage so happy. We never forget to take time for each other. A wonderful weekend, hope yours was wonderful too!


  1. Hi Kathy,

    I am a professional writer for the home and garden niche and I just found your blog and wanted to tell you how lovely it is! Your photos are beautiful and I'm enjoying your Oregon shots! I've listed your blog as one of my favorite home and garden blogs on my own blog under "Blog Bliss."

    Kathryn Bechen and

  2. Love your style of a weekend away...hubby and I like to do these types of things too although he doesn't have much interest in garage sales but he humours me!
    I feel the same about antique malls, too expensive but I do like browsing through them. I like to use the stuff I buy..I would be too afraid to break 'expensive stuff' so I don't buy it! The thrifter in me wouldn't allow it anyway to spend money like that!!
    Have a good day!

  3. That sounds just wonderful Kathy! A lot like what Chad and I will be doing next weekend for our late anniversary trip. Only problem is, Chad doesnt like to look at these things like Earl does. You are lucky to have a hubby that does!! Where in Michigan are you? I am in Midland.


  4. I am so glad you had such a lovely weekend! I enjoyed the pictures!

  5. Kathleen, my age maybe showing, but have I asked what part of MI you live in? Alot of the best things i find are in MI antique shops, so I found what you said interesting. I do understand what you mean about the $40.00 bowls, I pass them up too! Keep in touch Lori

  6. Hi Kathy!
    There is nothing like a weekend getaway...sounds like a wonderful trip! I am exactly like you when it comes to antique malls ~ I LOVE to go look but rarely ever buy.....just inspires me more to get back to garage sales! So much to be found at such great prices when you're garage sale-ing! Your picture of YOU by the way is ADORABLE!!
    Have a great week!

  7. Kathy that sounds like a wonderful weekend! I loved the green bed in one of your pictures. I know what you mean about antique malls. I always manage to find some vintage chipped china to use in mosaics though - because when pretty limoge gets broken in an antique mall, the put it on a sale table....:-)

  8. Kathy so glad you enjoyed your weekend and yayyy on kathryn listing you on her blog :) You're on mine too as my "Blog Desserts" (cause I always want seconds)

    I so agree with you on the antique malls I have been utterly disgusted with the prices during the summertime at our local ones...they hike the prices when the lake people come in.

    Thanks for sharing your trip with us.


  9. Kathy, I am so glad that you had the chance to get away and have fun. The antique places inspire a couple emotions for me.
    1. The stuff i have is worth a lot of money!! :)
    2. I am very angry still with Grammps for all the stuff he threw away!! I will get over it.
    Have a great day. LAS

  10. So glad that you and your husband had such a great time! My husband, bless his heart, humors me too! He use to go to auction and yard sales with me, but now about all I can get him to do is antique stores. But I enjoy it when he does come along!

  11. Kathy I think we got spoiled with the yard sale prices and thrift store shopping that the antique malls give us sticker shock!
    I love to browse and sometimes do find a lil something that is affordable and has to come home with me! :-)

    Today is our anniversary but we are holding off doing anything special as we are both emotionally drained and can't seem to get it together!
    Praying next week is a much better week for us!
    P.S. {we love to garage sale and antique together too}

    Happy anniversary love birds!



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